Palestone Software

Palestone Software

17 Jun 2015 | no comments »

A few months ago I started my own company because I wanted to invest some time in a few personal projects that I have been unable to work on as an employee, and to get time to improve my skills in certain areas, especially audio. When I graduated from BTH in 2008, one of my goals was to be able to program software synthesizers, and this is where I am at now. I’ve been working on a music tracker called snibbetracker for some time now, and it will be released once it’s finished, hopefully this summer. Other areas I will explore aside from audio are iOS apps and games in various combinations. Palestone is an item from Dark Souls II used to remove enchantments from weapons, giving them a fresh start.


Some thoughts about game engine architecture

24 Sep 2014 | no comments »

The last weeks I’ve been thinking about how to best separate the different parts of the games I will be making in terms of platform independence and code reusability. The first prerequisite I had was that I wanted to work as native as possible on iOS to be able to have full insight, control and easy access to the Cocoa Touch APIs. The second was that I would be using a software raster with a virtual screen of 256×144 for rendering pixelart graphics. The third was that I wanted the majority of the code to be cross platform. This resulted in a front-end on iOS in Objective-C which takes care of rendering to an OpenGL texture, audio, touch input, network, file handling and persistence.


Cats & Ghosts

20 Jul 2014 | no comments »

Made for No More Sweden 2014, gfx and story by @sklettet, tumblr, code and sound by me. A two player game made in WebGL and Web Audio, all audio is synthesized in real time. (only supporting Chrome for now) Story: Cat lost his dog friend on August 1. He decided to go to the Underscape(tm) to retrieve him. But what he found was a worthy opponent for crabhunting and spike avoidage. Witness a true tale of horror and unfriendship in the canine and feline world.

Play Cats & Ghosts (tip: ctrl and + to zoom).

ascii tetris

ASCII Tetris

03 Feb 2013 | no comments »

In the spring of 1993 I got my first console and game. A Game Boy with Tetris. It was the start of what will probably turn out to be a life long fascination with games. As the years went by and I began some simple BASIC programming, I always got back to this game and I wanted to understand how It could be made. It only took me 20 years to find the right time, and here it is! My homage to Tetris. It is written in JavaScript, not very strict, and perhaps not the most elegant solution but I am happy with it as I have written most of the code from scratch from my own perception of the game mechanics. It uses ASCII characters for graphics. Play it here: