Septourian iOS

Septourian game iOS title screen
Septourian is a game for iOS, available on the App Store
Release trailer (youtube)


What kind of game is it?
It's a top down JRPG / dungeon crawler with procedurally generated content. Very gameplay driven (as compared to story driven). Every new game will have its own secrets, and depending on the loot you find along the way, the strategy and play style will differ. It's basically an open world without many hard limits. The design is centered on risk/reward and the chance of acquiring good loot to get an advantage, so depending on your preference as a player, you will be able to leverage how much risk/reward is suitable for your playstyle to make it enjoyable. You can for example play it very safe, though the progress might not be as fast as with greater risk. The replay value is higher, as every possible seed will bring on its own specific challenges.

What does Septourian mean?
It loosely translates to something like "Inhabitant of the seven towers".

Who has worked on this game?
I, (Harry Lundström) am the sole developer of this game.

What are your inspirations for this game?
The early Dragon Quest games, Breath of Fire, Final Fantasy 6, Lufia 2, Diablo 2 and the Souls series among many others.

Why did you want to make it?
Originally, I just wanted to make a game using the ZX Spectrum palette and VLK tracker, and decided on some kind of JRPG initially, and as time went on more procedural elements were added, as this was the kind of gameplay I would enjoy myself. It is first and foremost very much a personal project for me, and it's quite niche to the retro JRPG style. I really don't expect any substantial financial gain at all from this game, but it would of course make me happy if someone likes it.

What technology is used?
The graphics are as mentioned based on the 16 colour palette of ZX Spectrum with a resolution 144x256 virtual pixels scaled up, and all music and SFX are from VLK Tracker, an unreleased tool I made many years ago which is a 4 channel software synth and tracker. Most of the game code is written in Swift, with some performance sensitive parts in C, so it's very much native to iOS. It will run in 60 FPS.

When will it be released?
It will be released on the 11th of January 2023.

What will it cost?
It will probably be a Tier 2 pricing on App Store.

Will there be a beta?
Yes, there is currently a public beta which you can participate in. Please contact me for more info.

Will it be released to other platforms than iOS?
There are no plans for other platforms at the moment.

Harry Lundström (C)